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Randy Landscaping Services is the landscaping contractor you need to get in touch with for all your landscape and lawn maintenance projects you have at hand. We are a team of lawn experts and landscapers that desires nothing more than the overall health, beauty, and prosperity of your garden. We offer our quality and budget-friendly services to commercial and residential lawn owners residing in Beaverton, OR or the surrounding regions.

Our Services

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Call our arborists right away if you think your trees need to be professionally trimmed so that they remain healthier and keep flourishing for years to come. Tree trimming should be performed routinely if you want your trees to survive for longer by removing the infected and diseased parts of your trees and putting them back in shape.
Yard Cleanup

Yard Cleanup

Cleaning up the yard on a routine basis is important as it enhances the overall visual appeal of the outdoors and also promotes fresh growth of your lawn. If the yard cleanup work seems too tiresome for you, then hire our lawn experts to have your yard effectively cleaned. We’ll remove twigs, branches, dead leaves, litter, and any amount of debris from your yard and make it more environmentally friendly.
Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Keep the lawn on your property in the best shape with our quality lawn mowing service. Mowing the lawn on a regular basis will not only make your yard look good but will also ensure proper growth of the grass and will add more beauty to your landscape. Call our experts to mow the lawn for you, as they have the right equipment and machinery to perform the task efficiently.
Fence Installation

Fence Installation

Secure the perimeters of your property with some strong and sturdy fences of your choice. We offer affordable and dependable fence installation services to homeowners and business owners in our vicinity. We’ll gladly help you select the ideal fences for your home that will fit your preferences and will professionally install them safely and with care.
Sprinkler Installation

Sprinkler Installation

If the sprinkler system in your lawn is damaged beyond repair and you want that to be replaced immediately, give us a call! With our sprinkler installation service, we’ll install a functional and long-lasting sprinkler in your yard that will do an adequate job of watering your cherished plants and grass. Reach out to our hardscape contractor for a sprinkler installation service.
Sod Installation and Fertilization

Sod Installation and Fertilization

Sod can be a great alternative for your lawn, especially if you are one of those lawn owners who don’t have long hours to spend on lawn maintenance in order to keep the grass in better shape. Hire our landscaping maintenance experts for a sod installation service. In addition to installing sod, we can also provide you with lawn fertilization service which will certainly improve the overall health of your yard.

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Landscaping service
Landscaping service

The Benefits

Always consult a professional for assistance with lawn and landscape improvement projects, as they have the knowledge to plan and carry out the job in a systematic manner and also understand what is good and bad for your landscape. Also, they have access to all the tools and supplies required for the task, enabling them to complete it successfully without difficulty or delay.

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How We Work

If you’re in need of our general landscaping service whenever the occasion calls for it, choose any weekday that works for you and make a call to Randy Landscaping Services. Let our landscapers know what kind of service you’re looking for. You’ll receive a precise labor estimate for that service. After that, you’ll be prompted to set up a date and time when you want the work to be carried out. Once the process is complete, we’ll move on to the execution phase.

Optimization Areas

We serve commercial and residential lawn owners residing in the following regions:

  • Raleigh Hills, OR
  • Sherwood, OR
  • Cornelius, OR
  • Gladstone, OR
  • Minnehaha, WA

Randy Landscaping Services is an affordable landscaping service provider that offers a range of lawn and landscaping services to clients in and around Beaverton, OR. Contact us today!

Client Testimonials

by Jeffrey K. on Randy Landscaping Services
Worth My Time and Money!

I was skeptical at first, but I gave them a chance and booked their landscaping maintenance service. I was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and how much they cared about my yard. I will definitely keep using their services!

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  • Yard Cleanup
  • Fence Installation
  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Sod Installation
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